1MPa Vacuum pressure sintering furnace(For Stainless steel)

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1MPa Vacuum pressure sintering furnace(For Stainless steel) is mainly suitable for sintering and pressure sinter of stainless steel, iron-base alloy, copper-base alloy and aluminum products etc.

Design standard:JB4732-95, 20-year service life, double doors horizontal structure, 6000 times.

Horizontal design for easy loading/unloading and easy maintenance.

Automatic control of the entire process.

This kind of vacuum pressure sintering furnace is single room, horizontal type, recycle heating furnace, it adopt graphite heating element of low voltage and large current. All the technical process is automatic controlled, monitored, chased, fault diagnosed which showed and recorded by computer.

Furnace heating element, insulation and charging box are all in cylindrical structure, compared with the traditional square structure: Charging room is larger, size is more flexible, the temperature and atmosphere more uniform.