The advantages of Ruideer's products

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Ruideer Metallurgy Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a special manufacturer in PM industry, which is high-tech enterprise integrated R&D,Produce, sell and service. There are many advantages of our products.

1.Compact structure, small occupation area, low energy consumption, rapid cooling speed, saving energy and protecting environment.

2.Full range of sizes available, can be used in experimental research and development, Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as mass production. We can design the products according to customer's special requirement.

3.Graphite box can be round or square for different applications.

4.Complete Dewaxing mode, suitable for different forming agent including rubber, paraffin wax, PEG and extrusion molding agent with high wax-collection rate.

5.High automation level: one-button start; Double industrial PC operating system, mutually redundant, safe and reliable.

6.The control system is full-automatic with data record & backup function, the operation system is more humanized, more powerful.

7.The Insulation box is of good insulation effect, free of volatilization at high temperature, with long life. It adopts "sandwich structure" and CFC material inside and outside with high strength, will be no deformation after many years use.

8.The insulation door adopts special "step design", insuring temperature uniformity on chamber doors at both sides.

9.The furnace can be remote controlled, diagnosed and repaired.

10.The electrode arc monitoring system can prevent serious damage to furnace shell caused by overheat and arc effect.

11.Program has resume-heat-at-break point function, no need to restart the program in case of short time power failure.

12.Our R&D team keeps persistent efforts on improvement of sintering furnaces, and acquired 6 patents up till now.