The property difference between sinter-HIP and ordinary type of vacuum sintering

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The property difference between sinter-HIP and ordinary type of vacuum sintering

  With the technical development of cemented carbide and improvement of equipment,especially for the use of Sinter-HIP furnace,the whole property of cemented carbide has been improved a lot,sintering is the most important process during cemented carbide production,it Plays a decisive role on the performance of the final product.Because the damaged products caused by sintering which can not rescue through next process,so you must choose sintering furnace seriously,the main difference between Sinter-HIP and ordinary type we tested and listed as following:

  See from the property,different sintering way will have very big difference for the property of cemented carbide,the sintering way mainly includes H2 sintering,vacuum sintering and pressure sintering,the equipment will be H2 molybdenum-wound furnace(has been outdated),integrated vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace(ordinary type)and Sinter-HIP furnace(it gathered dewaxing,vacuum sintering and HIP
technology),Cemented carbide Sinter-HIP furnace is the key equipment to compacting products,improve the density and strength through input some Inert gas(argon) under sintering temperature to reducing the voids
and flaw of sinter products.We can see the main property difference as following:

See from the cost of equipment,Sinter-HIP furnace is more expensive,but the maintenance fee will reduce, the problem is seldom happened when sintering.The time will reduce accordingly when sintering one batch.The service life is longer,most important,Sinter-HIP furnace can improve the whole property of cemented carbide much.

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