Metal injection molding (MIM) debinding & sintering furnace

Metal injection molding (MIM) debinding & sintering furnace is mainly suitable for debinding and sinter process of stainless steel, ferrous, titanium, alloy steel and high speed steel metal injection molding parts.


Products Parameter

Loading space 400*400*1200/400*400*1500/500*500*1800
Max. working Temp 1550 ℃
Cooling period ≤5h/≤6h/8h
Vacuum leakage Rate 3Pa/h(Average in cold,empty,dry chamber within 24 hours)
Vacuum pump Slide-valve pump,Roots pump
Temp.variation: ≤5  ℃
Material quantity 32PCs/42PCs
Temp.Measurement Mode WRe5-26 thermocouple
Temp. Control Mode 2-zone or 3-zone Temp.Control
Heating power 120kva/150KVA/220KVA
Applicable forming agent Wax,Resin

Note: The above specifications are defined according to MIM stainless steel  .The above parameters can be adjusted to the process requirements, they are not as acceptance standard, the detailed spec. will be stated in the technical proposal and agreements.

Products Characteristic

1.The MIM debinding & sintering furnace is used for wax or resin removing, it can also do vacuum sinter and minor pressure sinter processes.

2.Special designed debinding muffle is adopted with good sealing and complete bind removable, preventing inside components pollution.

3.Horizontal design for easy loading/unloading and easy maintenance.

4.Automatic control of the entire process.

5.This kind of MIM debinding & sintering furnace is single room、horizontal type、recycle heating furnace, it adopt graphite heating element of low voltage and large current.All the technical process is automatic controlled, monitored, chased, fault diagnosed which showed and recorded by computer.

6.Furnace heating element, insulation and charging box are all in cylindrical structure, compared with the traditional square structure: Charging room is larger, size is more flexible, the temperature and atmosphere more uniform.

Products Advantages

1.Compact structure, small occupation area, low energy consumption, rapid cooling speed, saving energy and protecting environment.

2.Full range of sizes available, can be used in experimental research and development, Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as mass production. We can design the products according to customer's special requirement.

3.Graphite box can be round or square for different applications.

4.Complete Dewaxing mode, suitable for different forming agent including rubber, paraffin wax, PEG and extrusion molding agent with high wax-collection rate.

5.High automation level: one-button start; Double industrial PC operating system, mutually redundant, safe and reliable.

6.The control system is full-automatic with data record & backup function, the operation system is more humanized, more powerful.

7.The furnace can be remote controlled, diagnosed and repaired.

8.The electrode arc monitoring system can prevent serious damage to furnace shell caused by overheat and arc effect.

9.Program has resume-heat-at-break point function, no need to restart the program in case of short time power failure.

10.Our R&D team keeps persistent efforts on improvement of sintering furnaces, and acquired 17 patents up till now.

Ruideer Service

Pre-sale Service:

1. Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.

2. Experienced staffs answer all your questions in fluent English.

3. Customized design is available.

On-purchase Service:

1. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well trained and professional engineers and staff.

2.As an honest seller, we always use superior electronic parts and components, advanced machines,skilled technicians to ensure our products to be finished in high quality and stable feature.

After-sales Service:

1.The equipment warranty period is 12 months. Equipment failure happens, after-sales service personnel shall give solutions within 48 hours, after receiving the buyer's notification .

2.If need to get to the scene , the after-sales service personnel should be arrived at the scene within 72 hours after passing visa. And must be continuous to repair, until fault be excluded, Furnace running back to normal.

3.When taking-over the Furnace to the customer, We will give a staff training to customer.

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